Impact Stories


 Aina G. is a Student of John and Hope Secondary School, she has been abused severally by School Principals, Teachers and Uncles as she is always been transferred from one School to another and her parents were never available to give her parental guidance. She became traumatized so much that even though she is a brilliant Student, she never gets to pass her examinations. The FCS School Matron observed this and called to speak with her, in the cause of their discussion she discovered that she is suffering from the trauma she has suffered over the years. A few weeks after that, I visited the School and met with her. She gave her life to Christ and the Teacher followed her up adequately… On the first day of the next Examination, after her exams, she ran out of the hall in excitement as she has experienced a turn around and she could write her exams without the pictures of the past ordeals flashing through her mind.


 Jemima was an FCS Fellowship leader in one of our Schools within the FCT who encountered the Lord in the cause of the FCS CTC in December, 2015. She courageously confessed her illicit relationship with an unbelieving Man. Being the Daughter of a Clergy, has made several attempt to stop the relationship but all her attempt proves abortive. But at the cause of the CTC, she became convicted and opened up to one of the senior friends in the conference who counseled her to the point that she summoned courage to call the Muslim boyfriend to terminate the relationship. She also testified that, if not for God’s intervention, not even her parents had ever suspected she was into such an illicit relationship. She ended her confession with a charge to other Students at the Conference to desist from such acts and harness to also terminate such relationships.


A life of perpetual frustration, illiteracy and boredom would have been the ordeal of G-Girl of J.S.S Guaraguada whom all arrangements has been concluded to be withdrawn from School and forcely married to a Muslim but for the prompt intervention of the FCS through the School Fellowship Patron, Mr. Matanboni who quickly reported to the zone during the zonal committee meeting. Brethren were sunk into intercessory prayer for the life and destiny of G-Girl and then the zone in consultation with her parents withdrew her from that community and relocated her and registered her in a School in another community and also took responsibility of her up-keep and education. As a result of this, G-Girl who was formerly helpless has regained the opportunity to continue in her faith and continue with her educational pursuit to a fulfilled destiny.


I was born into a Christian home with a Godly background but was a slave to sin. I started mastubating at a very tender age, I was living a sinful and Hippocratic life, I spoke in tongues,serve as an exco in my fellowship in secondary school but Christ was not in me. It got to a point I got tired but could not help myself. After my SSCE, I sat for another NECO where I cheated to make my maths. With It i got admission to Fed. Uni. Of Agric Makurdi in 2013.In 2014, during FCS Retreat, I encountered Jesus He delivered and redeemed me from sin. Through God’s grace and counsel from my fellowship leaders, I forfeited my admission, I sat for another WAEC, NECO, AND JAMB, this time with God’s help I made all my papers, got admission into the same University of Agriculture Makurdi. I can’t thank God enough for saving me.

Sister Jane Rimantop stopped her two immoral relationships finally in January 2016 when I counseled with her. Before August 2015, she was into a relationship with a man who was going to marry her and was sleeping with her even as an EXCO member a College of Health Technology. When I got to know of it, I advised that she should quite but instead she rather started a new relationship without clearly stopping the formal. In January 2016 during inquiry when I learnt of development on the matter I advised again on quitting both relationships. And finally late January she called to confirm she did and is still being followed up.


Comfort Harison A student of Standard ECWA secondary school, Katsina, was abducted by an okada man on her way to school in July 2015. The man went away with her to an unknown environment were the gathered only girls together as sex machine and other reasons along Nigger road. The man asked her if she ever had sex and she said no. Then he said to her that he is going to have sex with her right there. But Blessing, base on the teachings she have acquired in FCS, that they should have confidence in their faith and always trust God to help them even in the times of trouble, told the man confidently that if he had sex with her, he will die. The man became afraid and ran away without having sex with her. Being Stranded there, Blessing found herself in a lonely place with a building containing only girls and a man came and asked her if she knows him, she said no, but the man said that he knows her and brought her to the road side where he ask her if she can remember any body’s phone number off-head to call, she gave the number of her uncle who came and picked her back home from that place. Meanwhile, when Blessing was abducted for a whole day, prayers were offered for her in her school. Blessing was restored back from her abductors that day and she is now doing well at home and in school and till today she still participates in FCS activities.

Jessica repented and gave her life to Christ and was delivered from the act of masturbation in June 2015 in FCE Katsina in one of our life skills presentation with a topic, “Drug use and drug abuse.” By February 2016, Jesica testified that she is now free from the act of masturbation and that she is now doing well in her prayer life and reading the scriptures. We gave her free Daily power 2016, to help her keep her relationship with God.


Due to discrimination and denial of rights to the Christians in Katsina state, especially the indigenous Christians. Most of the indigenous Christians students use to have inferiority complex. This led to the poor performance academically by such students. To help this type of students, the patrons of FCS in FGGC Bakori, gave a special attention to these students where they grouped them with other non-indigene students who are good academically to be reading together. The patrons also took personal discipleship of these students serious and at the end of the last session 2014/2015, the students perfumed well. They have now been promoted to their respective classes of next levels. They are also doing well spiritually as of the last October, 2015, when we visited them.

Having no money to pay tuition fees, going into robbery with his friend was the available option for him. The friend sent him recharge card to enable them to communicate and plan their movement. He also promised to send him money through bank for his transport fare. But as the Lord would have it, his friend had an accident and broke his leg while going to the bank to send the money, and the same weekend Titus A. encountered God during a message in FCS POSEC Branch where he was schooling, which impacted him, and he took decision against robbery after he sought counseling opportunity from the staff who preached on that day. (From Plateau state)

A Muslim POSEC student took a bold step to give her life to Christ. From then her father ceased taking responsibility for her education. Her mother struggled to pay her school fees until her last year in school when her mother and elder brother were sick, so it was hard for her Mum to continue with the school fees payment, but last year during NPLR, she got ND’s line and called to share her challenges. Thank God for Nasarawa State FCS whom God used to raise support and paid the school fees. Glory be to God. (From Nasarawa state)

1.    Saved and redeemed by the blood of Jesus was the story of Blessing A. Alidu who way a Muslim and a prostitute was converted to Christianity and delivered from the prostitution after a brief ministration by the TS at the state office, she decided to stop prostitution and follow JESUS. Blessing has no family to follow her up, since they are all Muslims.
FCS followed Blessing .A.Alidu from that moment by enrolling her in JSS1 in Women Educational Centre, Sokoto State, September, 2014,sincs she could not be enrolled in a conventional school as a result of her age. She was 23years old at this date of conversion.
Today, Blessing A. Alidu is now in JSS2, able to read and write. Though, she still has some difficulties in pronouncing some words. FCS – has also registered her to learn sewing which she does after school.
Blessing A.Alidu is happy now. My desire is to se FCS Headquarter as she always say. I thank FCS for changing my life. If not for FCS, my life would have been miserable.

2).   I am a National Diploma (ND) Holder in Business Administration. Through the life skills section in the FCS state conference,2015, Topic; EFFECTIVE STUDY TECHNIQUES I discovered that I am a thief. I am not the right owner of the WAEC result I am used to obtain my ND.I took part in Examination Malpractice ,so today, I decided not to use the certificate again .I will rewrite my WAEC again. I knew it is a hard decision. I have decided to follow Jesus and do the right thing to clear my conscience (Elizabeth).

Though financially broke and hard-pressed because of school fees, Halima a student of RAMAT poly refused to be broken by unscrupulous men who wanted to take advantage of her momentary need by sleeping with her before they give her the fees. According to her, she has decided to stand firm because of the lifeskills they were taught in FCS. And she preferred to repeat than to sale out her body to get school fees. The fellowship paid the school fees and she is doing well presently.

He has never been a member of FCS at his Primary, Secondary and Tertiary institutions. That is the plight a Teaching Practise student in one of the Secondary Schools in Boi, Bauchi State said he has never been an FCS Member. However, he was invited by a brother for school visitation and he accepted. After a brief exhortation he saw the need to join FCS fully. He has become an active member of FCS and a full member of AFCS when he returns home.