National Training on Mitigation of Contemporary Health Issues such as HIV/AIDS, Hypertitise, Hypertension, Obesity, Malaria, etc., Lifeskills Education and PCM/MEAL

About The Training:

The challenge of HIV/AIDS and other social related issues in our time can never be over emphases; and all hands must be on deck to prevent and mitigate its impact. Though there are lots of ongoing efforts to combat it, it is receiving less attention now, we believe that the Church is advantageously placed to provide the much needed solution. Hence the pressing need to mobilise the Church.

This workshops will train facilitators who will be able to facilitate churches and communities to undertake comprehensive HIV/AIDS intervention and Lifeskills.

This traininig consists of 4 modules in two contacts of 12 days each. It is important that you attend all these modules.

Target Groups:

  • The workshop is intended for resource personnel such as
  • Church Elders,
  • Pastors,
  • Sunday school teachers,
  • Youth fellowship leaders,
  • Youth workers,
  • Couples group facilitators,
  • Guidance counsellors,
  • Non-governmental organisations (NGOs) workers,
  • Governmental organisations workers,
  • AFCS members,
  • Assistant Training Secretaries (ATSs)
  • Training Secretaries (TS)
  • State aid4Life Chairpersons/members


First Contact (Module 1&2):  Sunday, 16th – Wednesday, 26th April, 2017

Second Contact (Module 3&4): Sunday 12th –  Wednesday 22nd November, 2017


FCS National Headquarters, Opposite Building Materials Market, Jos.


Module 1 Courses

HIV/AIDS Education and Principles and Practice of Counselling and other contemporary health issues

Module 2 Courses: Lifeskills Education and OVC Intervention and Peace Building

Module 3 Courses: Facilitation Skills and Project Management/Monitoring, Evaluation, Accountability &Learning  

Module 4 Course: Family Life Education

Course Fee:

Participant From Nigeria: 15, 000 NGN

Participant From Outside Nigeria: $100

This cost covers  snack break, lunch, and supper and training materials.

You can pay on arrival or pay to the bank and bring your deposit slip. To get our bank details click here to contact us. You may make provision for materials that are not included in the registration fee. These could include videocassettes, VCDs and bulk purchase of other Behaviour Change Communication (BCC) materials. You can register for this event below